Global fish trading

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With many years of experience in the fish industry 4th Group knows exactly what good logistic means: reliability, flexibility, on-time and cost-effectiveness.

The fish trading business is in large part about logistics: assuring the physical delivery of fish across and between continents as efficiently as possible

4th Group’s logistics partners source appropriately sized carriers on demand, ensures storage capacity in strategic locations around the world, and rapidly mobilizes experts whenever and wherever they are needed.

4th Group has unmatched expertise in securing the most advantageous solutions for moving fish. The economies we achieve in transportation frequently enable us to outbid competitors, secure fish tenders and ensure high standards of supply and service for our customers.

We are able to deliver fish mostly everywhere around the globe, you just need to tell us:

  • where you want it
  • when you need it
  • and we are already there...!
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